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Shenzhen WhyNot Technology Co., Ltd is an Electronic components supplier, Our product and market knowledge, coupled with our ability to share information, makes us unique in the industry.


We offer a service which makes buying those hard-to-get components an easy one-step process. We have supplied electronic components worldwide since 2001. The capital of company is not really question. The quality and price of products will be the important condition for success in business.


WhyNot Technology offers extensive inventory of obsolete and current products of all types of board-level components and electronic instruments in today's market, the highest quality components at the best prices


We must make all efforts to avoid letting counterfeit electronic components and products ever leave our door and end up on our customers assembly lines. To do so, we scrutinize our supply chain no matter if our supplier is a distributor here in Asia, Europe, USA, or anywhere else in the world.


As an independent distributor, some might wonder where we get our inventory. We acquire our inventory by purchasing excess materials from OEMs and CMs worldwide.


Our inspection process is also scrutinized even when we purchase excess inventory from OEMs and CMs, as they might not knowingly have counterfeit electronic components in their inventory and pass that on in an excess purchase.




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